TYPE: Hybrid

THC: 15 – 20%

GENETICS: Ice x Jock Horror

APPEARANCE: Super dense hard buds that look like rocks. Ultra bright neon green with super bright orange hairs and loads of crystals. This stuff looks magazine quality- it does not get much better.

SMELL: It smells sweet- citrusy with a hint of skunk.

BEST FOR TREATING: Pain- stress and depression- headaches- lack of appetite

CREATED FEELINGS : produces a happy- euphoric- sativa like high

DURATION: Around 2 hours

SIMILAR STRAINS: Afghani- Skunk- Northern Lights and Shiva stock

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Buy AK-48 Marijuana Online

AK-48- not to be confused with AK-47– is an Indica-dominant strain which- strangely- provides Sativa-like mental effects- along with a totally unique smell. Buy AK-48 Marijuana Online

No- that isn’t a typo: AK-48 is an Indica-dominant strain that’s completely different from AK-47. Bred from parents Jock Horror and Ice- this marijuana has very unusual properties- being that it acts kind of like a Sativa- despite its genetics. It delivers a head-clearing- euphoric- borderline psychedelic high with a slight bodily tingle. Its smell is delicious and totally unique.

AK-48 Experience

In some ways- AK-48 is a really confusing weed. First of all- it’s a completely different strain from the similarly-named AK-47 in every way. Secondly- it’s an Indica-dominant Hybrid whose effects are primarily cerebral. Ah- the mysteries of cannabis. Regardless- it’s an enjoyable strain- descended from Ice and Jock Horror- and it’s reasonably powerful at 17-20% THC. Buy AK-48 Marijuana Online

Upon consuming this marijuana- enthusiasts will notice a powerful- focused headrush- combined with notably strong visual effects. It’s a provocative mental state- and it’s motivating more than it is tranquilizing. This weed makes people want to get up and do things.

Although it’s relaxing- and to some extent euphoric- it’s definitely not tranquilizing. Eventually- though- the Indica genetics make themselves known in the form of a pretty significant appetite boost. This is a marijuana made for exploring the world and eating some of its contents.

Vape cartridges of this strain are currently unavailable- but shatter can be bought from various retailers.

Medical Benefits of AK-48

Despite the name- this strain holds a number of therapeutic properties. Medical marijuana patients willing to look past the aggressive title will find a remedy for a range of conditions.


    • Uplifting effects could make it quite helpful for patients suffering from milder forms of depression or other mood disorders


    • This herb may offer relaxation to patients struggling with chronic stress


  • Hunger-instilling effects could be helpful for patients dealing with appetite loss- nausea- or related issues

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