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Hindu Kush


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Buy Hindu Kush Online- Looking for some “Kushy” relaxation – this is your flower. Skunky pine fills the senses upon inhale and lovers of this strain report muscle tension- digestion issues- and sleeplessness to be a thing of the past.

Buy Hindu Kush Online a real favorite among marijuana consumers the world over- so popular that this strain even makes an appearance in the game Hempire. This amazing hash plant is covered in trichomes. Hindu Kush is a pure Indica that provides a classic heavy-body effect while knocking out pain and easing muscle tension.

Hindu Kush Experience

Hindu Kush is as Indica as it gets. This pure strain is from the Kush mountain region- which spans 500 miles between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A great hash strain- Hindu Kush produces plenty of kief. It is often used to make charas and black hashes. Naturally potent- this strain often has THC content that reaches 20%. This strain is best for nighttime use. A powerful sedative- Hindu Kush is perfect for those who struggle to get to sleep. While this strain produces a delightful mental euphoria- the effects are very physical overall. Recreational consumers may like this strain as a nightcap or a deep relaxation aid.

A deep body high will ease locked- stiff muscles and make you feel like you can move again. Though- with the couch-locking effects of this strain- you may not have much get-up-and-go.

Medical Benefits of Hindu Kush

Like many others in the Kush family- this strain has uses applicable to a number of medical marijuana patients.

    • Medical consumers tend to enjoy this strain for its potent appetite stimulating and pain relief properties
    • Stomach pains and gastrointestinal issues melt away
    • Medical marijuana patients have also been known to use this strain to relieve stress- anxiety- MS- ADD/ADHD and other more serious ailments.

In large doses- this strain can induce sleep- but some cannabis consumers may experience paranoia and anxiety — weed enthusiasts sensitive to these symptoms may wish to proceed with caution.

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